“FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD adapted from Chapter I by Rita de Cássia Amorim Andrade (categoria: Ritissima-Textos)

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Adapted from Chapter I by Rita de Cássia Amorim Andrade


Gabriel Oak was an honest, happy and sensible man living at the field.
He was known as Farmer Oak because he had a small farmer, with two hundred sheep, on side of Norcombe Hill.
He was used to wearing the same awkward sort of clothes with a disfigured hat and strong boots, changing them only on Sundays, when he dressed his best clothes. So that he was well-known.
He was unmarried.
On a sunny day he met a girl in a strange situation.
She was arriving on the hill in a waggon pulled up by two horses when the waggon back broken. But she did not mind it. On the other hand, she stayed at a small looking-glass admiring herself. It was when Farmer Oak saw her at the first time.
He was delighted and could help her when she needed some money to pay the turnpike-gate. But she did not thank him.
The second time was at St Thomas’s Eve in a windy night. He was playing his flute and had to stop playing to look after a new-born lamb, when he could see her through the hole of her hut. She was talking to another woman about money and her lost hat.
He saw her again when she was looking for her hat. He found it. But he was so involved with her sad face that he forgot to give the hat back to her.
Later when she returned with a bucket of milk, her manner was better. He gave back her hat. They talked a bit. It was an embarrased dialogue.
Five days later they had another opportunity to meet each one again.
He was so tired and cold. So, he decided to get a rest. He kept the window closed and the light lit, in a while, he fell asleep.
When he woke up, he was surprised to find that beautiful girl leaning over him.
He asked what had happened. Smiling, she said that there was no problem anymore. There was no air inside the hut and he could be dead. She heard the dog barking outside the hut, so, she decided to take a look. She met him.
He was grateful for her saving his life. Then he held her hand and asked about her name, although he was shy. But she decided to keep silence because she did not like her own name.

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