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By Kavya Venkateshwaran

Poem 1

The flames that burn in my heart will not be put off…

Sand or water might try

But these flames will never die

And I -

Feel it burn feels like my heart will turn into ashes,

I feel the pain even on my skin , like a hundred million lashes.

The flames that burn in my heart will not be put off…

You cry and cry and

There is nothing that I really can do.

And I -

Have been bitten by a snake, its venom through my blood,

Feels like I’m being washed away by some ginormous flood.

The flames that burn in my heart will not be put off…

I keep asking myself why

did I break your heart and let you go?

And I -

Have regrets , I could have fought very hard for you,

Had I not left it to chance , we could have still been two.

Poem 2

On Holi day as I walk down the street,

It is your cold eyes that I greet,

Your face full of colours and your soul with none,

You look at me and think – ” Oh let’s have some fun !!”

You throw the colours in my eyes,

You laugh at my misery , you laugh at my cries.

On Diwali day as I walk down the street,

It is your cold eyes that I greet.

My ears hurt as fireworks burst

My mouth feels dry , I wish to quench my thirst.

But you don’t care, you throw crackers at me,

You seem extremely happy in my misery.

On Thanksgiving day as I walk down the street.

It is your cold eyes that I greet.

I see you throwing out your leftover turkey,

As my stomach growls , for I am hungry.

I look at you , hoping for some bones.

But all I receive is your cold stare and some stones.

On Christmas day as I walk down the street

I see you through your window ,singing carols with your fleet.

I heave a sigh of relief , for I am cold

I search for a warm place for I am getting old,

I snuggle next to your garage , I don’t care,

My warmth matters more , and plus you’re not there.

Ever wondered why I keep coming to your street ?

It’s actually your little boy that I want to meet.

He is sweet , your eyes, but not your cold stare.

He sneaks out of your house to feed me, he actually dares.

He pats me , he gives me all his love.

Isn’t he a dear , your little dove ?

He is the reason I walk down your street.

Every other day we tend to meet.

He is my angel , your boy of eight.

Funny he ended up being your son , oh what fate!

Your little boy , often makes my day,

For he doesn’t really care that I’m just a stray.

Poem 3

With darkness I gain sight

Although it is true that ,

After darkness comes light

Yet with darkness I gain sight.

With sight comes the solitude

The remorse, the pain

There is so much knowledge that I gain

Of infinite altitude

With sight , realization dawns

A dawn with no light

That a world full of might

Fails to put up a fight.

Our children delve into these paths

The path of darkness

In a once kind world filled with fruits

They grow heartless.

I say this with great remorse

As this cruel world loses its light

That you must distribute hope

So that with brightness, I gain sight.



Note: Indian poet girl
























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  1. Sensitivity in a poem from indian girl. Keep writing, Kavya Venkateshwaran! Embrace you, Rita de Cássia Amorim Andrade.

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