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By Sugyan Gourab


Of your eyes flashes fixed

In my mind-

Black, blue and pink.

The lids’ long rise and no fall,

The then time bound

But now all eternal

In the mounting memories of mine.


The faces once undaunted

Fell with the heads down,


Hither-thither all disturbed

But for forever preserved.


The real meaning of life

When trusts’ got another name-


For trust is Love,

And love is trust

Its honestly forever…


Maybe the world this or that,

The beauty of truth

Hurts amid the heart.

The glittering Love eyeing for-

The Red Love…



I see statues fallen,

Broken, rugged and swollen

Of my sorrow of solitude

In the dejecting desert sands

When of future I cogitate.



Thy sorry has no excuse

Because of the resources you misuse

Things really fall apart.

May you save and hold.

You are the center around which we all revolve…

My Sun!

Enlighten every corner of earth round

My God of Love,

Untie the chains of fear and hatred

White birds flying mightier

than ever before.

Strengthen the world such-

Trust loves trust and love trusts love

And the memories of glittering love

Shall always be preserved immortal…




Master Sugyan Gourab was born on 07th October 1996 and completed his class XII from

Odisha. His father, Mr Paresh Nath is the only Cartoonist from India to represent at the

global level who completed his masters in English from Revenshaw University of Odisha.

Following his footsteps, Sugyan Gourab, with his deep interest and affinity towards

literature is undergoing his bachelor’s academic degree in English Literature from Ban

aras Hindu University, Varanasi. He also knows Odia, Hindi and a little French. Apart

from writing poems, essays and articles, he loves playing games like Badminton, Chess and

Football, participating in Group Discussions, quizzes, reading magazines etc. He is writing

his first book and has a dream to pursue career in the Civil Services. He can be reached

through gourabsugyan@gmail.com Mob. /Whatsapp No. 9628186255


































1 Comentário para ““THE IMMORTAL LOVE > by Sugyan Gourab (category: English Text)”

  1. Rita de Cássia Amorim Andrade disse em:

    Deep your thinking, a love that extends beyond time and eternalizes in your mind.

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