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Greetings To USA from India

To USA from India


From Ravindra K. Kapoor.


You move ahead and move a little faster than before,

Your goals are still far ahead my friend,

Keep moving, even if you find the roads,

Not as smooth as it used to be in the past.

Just choose your new goals and friends carefully, and

Be careful in selecting new Goals,

Be very careful from those my friend,

Who may deceive or may overtake your good efforts,

While marching along with you on your way.

Some in this world still believe that everything is fare in War,

But unfortunately they do not believe in Love at all.

You have to do lot many things my friend,

While shaping the dreams of your people, and

Sharing your love and goodwill with those,

Who are really your well wishers and friends, but may be they are not

Walking with you, every time you move on a new road.

You have yet to win the hearts of many more,

Not by the powers of guns and your mighty force,

But by the power of freedom, Love and humanity and

The will to save this beautiful Earth.

These efforts would ultimately set aside, everything else, and

Would make your country not only prosperous and big.

But a Great Nation in true senses, my friend.

On this wonderful great day 4th July,

We sincerely give you our Good Wishes and Greetings to you,

O’ My friend, USA.


On behalf of the peace loving people of my country India.



Kanpur India 4th July 2011

Greeting of 4th July to all my Poetry Soup friends.

I am posting this poem from a cyber café due to phone line problem.


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